Reactivate a Chapter
Reactivating a chapter is similar to starting a new chapter. Please contact the Headquarters Office (+1 732 465 5846, +1 800 406 2590 (US Toll Free) or to verify that your school has initiated a chapter in the past and find out what the chapter name is, when it became inactive, and identify who Headquarters staff can contact with any questions or to follow up on the status of reactivation.
  1. Identify at least eight enthusiastic students to serve as officers for the chapter. Obtain approval and support from the department head for reactivation and ask that he or she appoint a faculty advisor to serve as a mentor for the students and act as a liaison between the chapter and department. The faculty advisor must be a member of IEEE-HKN; if an interested person has not already been inducted, he or she can be initiated at the next induction ceremony.
  2. Update your chapter Operations Manual or rewrite them if they have been misplaced during inactivity. Use the Sample Chapter Operations Manual template. Send Headquarters a copy to keep on file.
  3. Consider candidates who are pursuing courses leading to a first professional degree in an IEEE-designated field of interest (typically Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering, and in some areas Master of Science or Master of Engineering).

    Send out personal letters of invitation. Include a note from a prominent alumnus or industrial advisory board member to encourage membership in this prestigious honor society. If your university will permit, e-mail the New Pledge Information Form to and Nancy M. Ostin, IEEE-HKN Director, will send out personal emails to all invitees encouraging them to join. Host a meeting to introduce the officers and members to prospective pledges and to teach them about the organization. Tailor the recruiting power point presentation to meet your chapter's needs.

    Students who have completed at least one-third of the degree requirements and who have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper fifth of their class, or have completed one-half of the degree requirements and have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper quarter of their class, or have completed three-fourths of their degree requirements and have a cumulative scholastic rank in the upper third of their class, may be elected.

    Graduate student candidates shall have graduated with a first professional degree from a school of recognized standing approved by the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors (BOG) and shall possess substantially the same scholastic and other qualifications required for undergraduate candidates. Graduate student candidates must be working toward an advanced degree in one of the IEEE-designated fields of interest. Nomination of a graduate student to membership in IEEE-HKN shall require endorsement by the Head of the academic department wherein this student conducts the majority of his or her studies.

  4. Send a letter to IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu, Executive Director, signed by the faculty advisor and department head requesting reactivation of the chapter. This letter may accompany the New Member Requisition Form mentioned below.
  5. Hold an induction ceremony. Contact IEEE-HKN Headquarters if you need a new signature book. Follow the induction ritual and use the power point presentation. Invite other faculty that have already been inducted or would be interested in getting involved in your chapter.
  6. Send Headquarters the New Member Requisition Form and dues for each member. Once the complete paperwork has been received, Headquarters staff will process certificates and enter the initiates into IEEE-HKN records. It is only at this time that inductees will be considered members of IEEE-HKN. Please note: all members must go through the induction ceremony. Invitees who do not attend can pledge at a later date with chapter approval and should not be included in the paperwork.
  7. Send Headquarters the Notice of Election of Officers after each election. This form is used to record officers in IEEE-HKN records as well as to update the online chapter directory.

    The chapter is now considered reactivated! Membership in IEEE-HKN includes a one year FREE membership in IEEE for students and a one-year subscription to The Bridge magazine. The chapter should participate in service activities at the department, university, and community levels.

    To maintain active status, send the New Member Requisition Form after each induction and the Notice of Election of Officers after each election to Headquarters. The Annual Chapter Report is required from each chapter by mid-October for the preceding academic year. Although the Short Form is required, chapters are encouraged to design a more descriptive report and include pictures. This report informs Headquarters of the chapter's activities and is used in consideration of the Outstanding Chapter Award winners. Follow the Instructions for Chapters to maintain an active chapter.

    Active chapters and individual members are encouraged to nominate Outstanding Teachers, Outstanding Students, and other professionals whose principal areas of interest fall within the IEEE-designated fields of interest for IEEE-HKN's extensive awards program. Chapters can also order Honor Cords and Stoles for graduation. Visit index.asp and click on Cords and Stoles.

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