Outstanding Young Electrical and Computer Engineer Award

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The Outstanding Young Professional (OYP) Award - formerly the Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer (OYEE) Award - has been presented annually since 1936. It is presented to exceptional young engineers who have demonstrated significant accomplishments in their career. Many recipients of this award have gone on to make major contributions to the electrical and computer engineering fields and hold noteworthy positions in academia, industry, and government.

With the merger between IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu Association (IEEE-HKN) in 2010, this award now expands to the IEEE-designated fields of interest which includes: Engineering, Computer sciences and information technology, Biological and medical sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Technical communications, education, management, law and policy.

IEEE-HKN believes that both the recipient and his or her employer benefit from the honor and recognition of this award. Of course, another important objective of the award is to encourage and inspire undergraduates and newly graduated engineers in their early professional careers.

A candidate for this award must be a graduate from a recognized regional or professional accrediting agency in electrical or computer engineering (not electrical technology or engineering technology) from which a B.S., B.E., M.S., M.E., or Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in electrical or computer engineering, or IEEE-designated field of interest, has beed granted. It is not necessary for a nominee to be a member of Eta Kappa Nu. The nominees will be rated on the following:

  1. Outstanding technical contributions
  2. Service to community the nation
  3. Cultural and aesthetic achievements
  4. Professional activities

Download the Nomination Form

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Please consider nominating one or more young professionals for this special recognition.

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